Numerical Modeling and Investigating the Interaction of Twin Tunnels on Each Other

New Numerical Modeling and Investigating the Interaction of Twin Tunnels on Each Other

The FLAC3D software is one of the products of the Consulting Engineers Group. This software operates on a finite difference method and is used to analyze the engineering of 3D-dimensional surface or rocky structures in continuum environments. This software is based on the Lagrangian analysis, which is also suitable for modeling large deformations.
AISKA Company was founded in 1981 by members of the faculty members of the Department of Civil Engineering and Mining of the University of Minnesota to provide soil and stone mechanics services, numerical modeling of geotechnical environments and underground spaces. In 1984, the UDEC software was introduced to model rocky environments, and in 1986, the first version of the FLAC software with the support of Dr. Peter Candal was presented to the scientific community around the world. During the development of FLAC, newer versions and 3D version (FLAC3D) were utilized for modeling.
The modeling capabilities of the interfacing elements, through which slip plates, joints, soil layers, and soil-structure interaction are simulated accurately.
Analytical modes of plane strain, plane stress, and axial symmetry
Ability to model groundwater and consolidate the soil
Ability to model instrumental elements for simulating tunnel sills, nailing systems, rock bolts, piles, and so on.
Dynamic analysis of geotechnical problems for harmonic loads, earthquake loading and explosion modeling.
The ability to model viscoelastic and viscoplastic creep
The ability of thermal modeling and co-modeling of thermal models, mechanical stress and pore water pressure
Ability to add models that are written using the C ++ programming language.


Code capabilities
Application of neutral behavioral models, isotropic elastic, transverse isotropic elasticity, orthotropic elasticity, Dracke-Pragar plastic, Mohar-Columbian plastics, Flexible, softening / hardening strain, dual surrender and Moderately Modified Model.

Ability to model two-phase flow to simulate two-phase flows in porous environments (e.g. simulating two flows of water and oil). 
Including the FISH programming language, you can use the language to introduce arbitrary functions and behavioral patterns into continuous environments.
In this software, the mesh should be entered manually, using this feature, you can pinpoint the sensitive points more accurately.


Numerical Modeling and Investigating the Interaction of Twin Tunnels on Each Other


What you will learn in this code
1. Familiarity with FLAC3D Limited-Definition Software.
2- Create tunnel geometry and finite difference.
3- How to apply boundary conditions, initial conditions and external loading.
4- Entering the properties of the materials.
5- Determine the maximum length of the step forward and the effect of twin tunnels on each other.
6- Outputs from the program such as vertical displacement, plastic changes around the tunnel and maximum shear strain.
7- Analyzing the results.


Tips and requirements
1. The software is provided in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
2. The software has a hardware lock (dongle) that is used in Windows 7.
3. Familiarity with the phenomenon of interaction of tunnels adjoining each other.
4. Familiarity with finite difference modeling.
5- The availability of the initial data with the correct accuracy for modeling and ensuring the accuracy of its results.


Site’s purpose in this project
This project is about Numerical Modeling and Investigating the Interaction of Twin Tunnels on Each Other. This project can solve different problems for students and researchers or can give fundamental knowledge for industrial projects, and MSc or PhD theses.
Sometimes it is seen that students need some researches to choose their thesis subjects. As this project is complete and professional and contains flowcharts needed in university projects, it can be helpful.

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