About Us

Civilhelper team is an international team operating in various civil engineering departments. The team's services are in the field of modeling, design, computing, reporting and programming of engineering issues. The goal of this team is to improve the quality of projects for customers.

What we do?

Civilhelper team is aiming to work on civil engineering and improving engineering programming. So, the team of experts has come together to provide services to customers in these areas.

The provided services are categorized as follows:

Civil projects:

- Numerical modelling and design of Civil projects

- Computational design for all fields of civil engineering

- Reporting for all computational projects

Programming project:

- Improving and development of your engineering projects

- Optimization of science and industry processes 

- Support and contribute in coding and engineering issues

Who we are:

Civilhelper team has hired a team of experts from MS and PHD levels to provide the best service to customers. These specialists have done many projects in the fields of Energy, Healthcare, Structure, Tunneling, Earthquake, Water resources, Geotechnics, Construction, development and optimization.

Modeling, Design, Development

Providing a set of services for engineering customers is one of our most important goals. While you are planning to produce and design your products, we can keep up with you according to your needs. Our engineering services in the field of modeling have a lot to expand, which shows the speed of implementation and the quality of our projects that we could manage a large number of projects. Designing civil engineering issues is one of the aspects of our work, which, along with our customers, we evaluate and increase the speed and precision of our work. Finally, development and improvement of coding can complement the services provided to customers. With this complete set of specialists you can solve your problems in the best possible way.

Our Costumers

A wide range of industrial and academic work is our team's customers. Our customers are planning and implementing their own industrial and research work for their projects. Our specialists are also working to support and resolve the needs and to improve the performance of our customers.